Getting in a car accident is a common event, as car accidents happen all the time, but settling a car accident case is not always an easy task. If you want to settle your case and think you can do it alone, it's important to understand that having a lawyer helping you is a much more effective way to settle a case.

A Lawyer Will Help You Avoid Losing the Ability to Seek Compensation

Did you know that you only have a limited amount of time to seek compensation for your case? If you are not in a hurry to get the accident settled and end up waiting too long, you might lose the ability to ask for compensation. This is referred to as the statutes of limitations, and the timeframe varies from state to state.
When you choose to hire a lawyer and meet with him, he will tell you what this timeframe is and will make sure you settle before this or file a lawsuit before the time expires. Settling the claim or filing a lawsuit prior to the end of the timeframe ensures that you will have the right to collection compensation for your injuries.

A Lawyer Handles the Work for You

When you try to settle a case without a lawyer, you must handle every step of the process. This may include submitting all the right documents to the insurance company and negotiating for a settlement amount. It may also include getting your car appraised and the damages calculated, and it could include a lot of other steps.
If you do not understand how to do all these things, you could end up missing deadlines or failing to submit necessary documents. This could result in losing some of the compensation you should receive from the accident.
Negotiating is a huge part of the settlement process, yet it is a difficult step for the average person. Most average people do not fully understand what the law entitles them to after a car accident. Because of this, they do not seek compensation for certain things. This results in them receiving lower settlement amounts.
If your accident left you injured and with damages to your car, your lawyer will pursue compensation for your car damages and medical bills. He may also pursue compensation for lost wages, lost future wages, and future medical expenses. In addition, your lawyer could ask for compensation to cover any emotional trauma you experienced from the accident.

A Lawyer Helps You Receive a Higher Settlement

According to one study, people who hired lawyers for help with injury claims received settlements 3 1/2 times as large as people who settled without lawyers. If you hope to receive the highest settlement possible, you should hire a lawyer for help.
When you settle your case, you have one chance. In other words, once you agree to a settlement amount and sign the papers, you cannot go after the at-fault party again for more compensation. You should make the best of the one chance you have by letting a lawyer help you.
Your lawyer will make sure you file the paperwork before the statutes of limitations ends. He will also help you negotiate for what you deserve. With a lawyer, you have an expert helping you, and this will reduce the stress you feel from this legal battle.
Trying to settle your car accident case alone is often frustrating and overwhelming. If you want a more effective option for this task, contact The Walter Bailey Law Firm. We specialize in helping car accident victims settle their cases, and we can help you with yours.